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$50/hr (4 hour min), -10% for 10+ hrs pre-paid or -15% for 30+ hrs pre-paid

-- magazine articles determined at assignment

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Clients and clips:

Give Magazine

Shambhalla Institute

BJR Public Relations

Body Rocke Jewelry

TLC MediaWorks

Melissa Robke

Hairlo, Inc.

Peter Werner

Learn About Wine (LAsupportsLA Katrina Benefit)

The Journal of Longevity: Cholesterhealth (ghost)

The Journal of Longevity: Hyperbalance (ghost)

The Journal of Longevity: Medizyme (ghost)

The Comedy Store

“Vacation Challenge,” The Travel Channel

“Fantasy Living,” Discovery Channel

“I Can’t Believe I Wore That”

“Illuminating Angels & Demons”

“Daddy’s Little (Spoiled) Girl”

“Holiday Home Invasion”

Martin-Calvert Productions

CMEx journalism fellowship

(Caribbean Media Exchange on Sustainable Tourism)

About.com “Hotels, Resorts & Inns”: Hotelito Desconocido

About.com “Hotels, Resorts & Inns”: Trinidad/Tobago

About.com “Hotels, Resorts & Inns”: Sawgrass

Healing Lifestyles & Spas: St. Lucia

Healing Lifestyles & Spas: Bahamas

NBC17Travel.com: Sawgrass

WZ.com – “Romantic European Getaways” Guide

Medversant Technologies

Arnold Schulman

Pacific Palisades,” Spelling Entertainment

LFP Publishing: Hot Boat, Laptop Computer

Privilege Care

The Clothing Card

Lois, Colby/Los Angeles

“After I Fall,” Bombshelter Press

ONTHEBUS, Bombshelter Press

Samples, resume and references on request.